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Interested in helping TRU make quality transit a reality in metro Detroit? There are many ways to help:

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TRU is an independent non-profit organization, funded primarily by donations from individuals who agree with our mission of bringing quality transit to metro Detroit. Please give today!

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There are lots of ways to help out, from office work and mailings, to transit hearings and lobbying.


College students and others can get actively involved in bringing transit to metro Detroit while getting great work experience and potentially earning class credit. Send your resume with an email explaining your interest to to apply or get more information.

A powerful case for transit and call-to-action from Wayne County Exec Warren Evans

Tuesday night, Warren Evans gave one of the most compelling and well-reasoned transit speeches this region has ever heard. Here are a few highlights of his State of the County address: Transit is the intersection of moral and economic imperatives.... While the moral reasons, alone, should move[...]

3-Part Strategy for Great Transit Investment

With lots of news and uncertainty about the future of regional transit, TRU asked our members and allies what they thought our strategy should be. Dozens of people replied and a clear consensus developed: What Could/Should Be Next for Regional Transit Plan A:  The best solution is a full four-cou[...]