Announcing TRU’s “Green Rides, Blue Skies” Campaign

Take action now to support smart climate solutions!

Major flooding of Detroit highways was just one of the devastating ways the climate crisis has struck this summer.

As the realities of climate change become more real, Michigan simply must do more to lower CO2 emissions and protect our environment. Governor Whitmer has promised to make Michigan Carbon-Neutral by 2050 and her plan needs to address the impact driving has on our environment. 

That is precisely why TRU is proud to announce the launch of our 2021 ‘Green Rides, Blue Skies’ Campaign.

(Learn more about the problem and solutions on our campaign page)

Transit IS a key climate solution

The Green Rides, Blue Skies campaign is critical because 28% of all C02 emissions come from transportation, and most of that comes from personal cars and trucks.

Transportation is the number one source of climate pollution, so increasing non-automobile transportation options is one of the best ways to tackle the climate crisis. That’s the goals of TRU’s new ‘Green Rides, Blue Skies’ Campaign – to take bold steps towards more sustainable travel throughout Michigan. 

In order to craft a state-wide climate action plan, Governor Whitmer has created The Council on Climate Solutions. TRU currently sits on the Council’s Transportation and Mobility Workgroup, advising the Council’s upcoming climate recommendations for the Governor. 

Our Campaign Goal = More mobility choices!

Through our ‘Green Rides, Blue Skies’ Campaign, TRU is strongly urging the Council on Climate Solutions to give Michiganders more choices for getting around than only driving, especially walking, biking, and taking transit. TRU has provided the Council specific policy recommendations for how to increase mobility options:

  • The Council on Climate Solutions must develop targets for reducing VMT (Vehicle Miles Travelled) that align with the Governor’s climate commitments and the MI Healthy Climate Plan. State and regional transportation projects, plans, and investments must align with those targets. To accomplish this, Michigan leaders must:
    • Prioritize investments that improve transit, walking, and biking and decrease VMT, including no longer funding projects that encourage increased driving;
    • Increase investment in public transit and rail, including providing more options for funding transit locally;
    • Make walking and biking safer and more convenient, including adjusting engineering standards to prioritize safety over car speed and ensure all state investments provide safe, convenient access for people walking, riding, or rolling; and
    • Increase non-driving options and create plans to every ten years double the number of people who commute in ways other than driving alone.

If Michiganders had more safe and convenient options to walk, bike, and ride public transportation, we could drive less and effectively cut down harmful CO2 emissions.

Take action now to tell MI leaders to make transit a centerpiece of the MI Healthy Climate Plan!

Help Take TRU’s Policy Recommendations straight to Lansing!

Through education, persuasion and maybe a little bit of pressure, TRU will convince the Council to carry our policy recommendations straight to the Capitol. To reach our end goal though, we need all the support we can get! 

Also, share this blog to spread the word about TRU’s ‘Green Rides, Blue Skies’ Campaign. More announcements and campaign content coming soon.

Together, we can make our skies, drivers, and riders healthier & safer.