Mich Senate Proposes Major New Road and Transit Funding!!

Michigan last increased funding for public transit in 1987. The last time Michigan public transit saw a funding increase at the state level, a mullet seemed like a good idea. (1987)

Despite growing demand, bus agencies in Detroit and across the state don’t have the funds they need to provide the service people demand.

That might finally change!!

The Senate Infrastructure modernization committee today passed bills to increase transportation funding, using the full Act 51 formula, including transit! (Bills include HR 4630, HR 5477, HR 5493, SB 6, and SB 149)

Thank you to everyone who has sent emails, made phone calls, and otherwise supported this important effort – it is making a difference! It is wonderful to see a huge variety of groups support this position, including: Michigan voters are willing to pay for better roads and better transit.

  • Michigan Chamber of Commerce,
  • Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association,
  • Michigan Railroads Association,
  • Michigan Public Transit Association,
  • Michigan Farm Bureau
  • Michigan Environmental Council
  • and many more.

However there is still a long way to go. The House voted to largely cut transit out of the funding. And the media and opposition are focused on the cost – eventually adding up to 25-cents to a gallon of gas. Not enough focus is on the benefits – real road repair plus $150 million a year for public transit across the state!!!

Please call or email your legislators TODAY!

Tell them you’re willing to pay a little more for improved transportation,

IF it includes public transit like the Senate package does.

Then make sure to urge your friends to do the same. Let’s seize this rare opportunity, not wait until mullets come back.