Mich. leaders to decide transportation funding; Help ensure transit is included!

Michigan’s legislative leaders are right now debating what may be the largest transportation investment in our state’s history​. They have to decide by September 30.

But public transit may be completely left out!

Filling potholes is NOT enough to fix Michigan’s transportation troubles!

Yes, the state needs to fix the damn roads. And we need new sustainable revenue to do that.

But Michigan must also ensure reliable transportation CHOICES for the millions of our neighbors who don’t drive!

That means investing in public transit – senior shuttles, rapid buses, door-to-door wheelchair vans, rail service, and more.

As Michigan legislative leaders and Governor Whitmer debate the state budget, including whether and how to fix the damn roads, they must include increased funding for public transit services all throughout the state.

Tell Michigan’s legislative leaders to do more than just fix the damn roads – ensure mobility for everyone!!

Our online action alert enables you to email the dozen top state legislative leaders with just two clicks – so take action now at https://actionnetwork.org/letters/fix-more-than-potholes/

Here are a few comments other transit supporters have shared with elected officials:

I encourage you to … create an inclusive environment in our state that recognizes that not all want or can afford to use a private automobile. By doing so you will be investing in not only transportation infrastructure but in the best interest of the public health.

As a pharmacist I serve patients every day who suffer from chronic conditions that are made worse by air that is clogged full of automobile emissions and who must live in environments that alienate them from car due to a lack of transportation alternatives. 

Included in the letter from one supporter from the rural Village of Lennon, Michigan

Please utilize this budget to invest in ALL of Michigan’s transportation infrastructure, the reliance on vehicle ownership due to inadequate options is starving our economy of valuable talent in our rapidly evolving work market.

I say this as a dedicated bicyclist who is forced to own my own car to get to work. The maintenance, gas, and insurance costs I pay for that could be going towards my student loan repayments instead. I know I am not alone in stating that the burden of those loans is prohibiting me from starting my own business, owning a home, and generally participating in Michigan’s economy to the degree that is generally expected of someone my age. Regional transit options would relieve this burden for a great many people such as myself.

Included in a letter from Detroit

“As a Michigan resident who cannot drive, public transit and nonmotorized access is vital to my success in this state. Thank you for your support of all modes of transportation as you consider and adopt the next budget for our great state.”

Included in letter from Kalamazoo

We have an opportunity to position Michigan as a contemporary accessible and confident state with this year’s budget….

(Road diets would even eliminate a whole part of a road in need of repair, it would slow down traffic, increase density/walkability, increase foot traffic to independent businesses, and auto-control speed to prevent more tragedies!)

Let’s prioritize PEOPLE and small businesses which is what makes Michigan unique. No more of this wide-road, pass-by, chain restaurant snoozefest.

Included in a letter from Detroit

This important advocacy work is made possible with grant funding from United Way of Southeastern Michigan.