Speak out for Regional Transit!

​The biggest barrier to great transit in southeast Michigan is dedicated funding. Despite a narrow defeat in 2016, an improved plan, and growing support, Macomb officials won’t let RTA back on the ballot. So it’s time to work around them!

Leaders of Oakland, Washtenaw, and Wayne Counties are not deterred! They have developed another way to give voters a chance to invest in the great transit our communities need. They just need the Michigan Legislature to pass House Bill 5229 first, which would modify the Municipal Partnership Act to better address the region’s transit needs. 

It’s a truly bipartisan bill introduced by a Republican, supported by county Democrats, and passed through two House committees on a bipartisan basis. But anti-transit opponents are trying to stop it – We can’t let it stall now!

Take action NOW in support of regional transit!

Our action tool makes it easy to email your state House and Senate legislators. You can edit our sample message or write your own. Tell your legislators to give voters the choice to invest in great transit this year – urge them to pass HB 5229 quickly!

Then please urge friends and family all across Michigan to do the same, so we send a wave of transit support up to Lansing!!

What are we up against?

Busses and bus stops are cold, wet and smelly. Waiting for busses stinks. We have better transportation options for poor people. Bussing is just mean.”

 – said @MatthewMaddock 12/19/2019

This from the State Representative in charge of funding transportation! 

Tell him he’s wrong!!!

Thankfully, we also have many thoughtful supporters:

“The MPA gives local leaders an opportunity to craft and finance a substantive, politically-viable transit plan for Wayne, Washtenaw, and Oakland counties. Transit is a priority for our region and offers a potential pathway to a regional solution. At this point in time, we need to move forward with a coalition of the willing and the urgency this issue deserves.”

Wayne County Executive Warren Evans, November 2019

Want a little more info on it?

This important advocacy work is made possible with grant funding from United Way of Southeastern Michigan.