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3-Part Strategy for Great Transit Investment

What’s next for regional transit? We’ve got a three-part strategy:

1) TRU members and allies seem to agree that a full four-county region-wide transit investment would be best. We need people from outer suburbs to be vocal supporters to counter the misperception that their communities don’t want transit!

2) If 4-county transit isn’t possible, Wayne and Washtenaw Counties would be better making major transit investments connecting their communities. Thank leaders from Detroit, Wayne, and Washtenaw Counties and urge them to make a regional transit investment happen this year!

3) TRU is also working to make sure whatever goes back on the ballot has broad voter support. Help us educate people with no transit experience about the benefits of transit while listening to their ideas and concerns, through our Let’s Talk Transit community engagement program.

TRU’s 2015 Year-in-Review

TRU’s 2015 Year-in-Review

This year has seen significant transit progress , including M-1 Rail construction, new DDOT buses, RTA rapid transit planning, and more.

These improvements don’t happen randomly or in a vacuum. It is only through many years of dedicated advocacy work by TRU and our partners and allies that transit has finally begun to turn around. Our work in 2015 included:
1) Promoting the benefits of transit investment through 50 media hits and 25 community presentations,
2) Community engagement with more than 1,400 people at 20 different festivals and other events,
3) Advancing and watchdogging the work of the Regional Transit Authority,
4) Seizing upon unanticipated opportunities to draw public attention to the importance of transit,
5) Bringing supporters together in a regional transit coalition called Momentum and
6) Celebrating transit champions at the Regional Transit Awards dinner.

Details and images included. We also said goodbye to longtime transit advocate Marcia Yakes. Read on to learn more.

Seeking Community Outreach and Social Media Interns/Volunteers

TRU is seeking help for our big summer outreach campaign: #TransitMatters!

As in previous summers, TRU staff, interns, and volunteers will be traversing the region to talk transit. We have posted two position descriptions for student interns and/or dedicated volunteers. We are seeking up to 4 Community Engagement Intern/Volunteers and one Social Media Intern/Volunteer.

These are great opportunities to build skills, add substantive experience to your resume, and get actively involved in improving public transit for southeast Michigan.

Resumes received by April 13 will receive priority consideration.

Interactive Annual Meeting on Community Engagement

Thank you to everyone who came out for TRU’s 2015 Annual Meeting, which included three major components:

1) TRU’s Business meeting, featuring the election to the Board of Directors

2) The State of the Region’s Transit presentation by Executive Director Megan Owens

3) An interactive presentation and discussion of Community Engagement in Transit Decision-Making led by Assistant Director Ruth Johnson

See pictures, download documents, and learn lots more about this great event.

A powerful case for transit and call-to-action from Wayne County Exec Warren Evans

Tuesday night, Warren Evans gave one of the most compelling and well-reasoned transit speeches this region has ever heard. Here are a few highlights of his State of the County address: Transit is the intersection of moral and economic imperatives.... While the moral reasons, alone, should move[...]

3-Part Strategy for Great Transit Investment

With lots of news and uncertainty about the future of regional transit, TRU asked our members and allies what they thought our strategy should be. Dozens of people replied and a clear consensus developed: What Could/Should Be Next for Regional Transit Plan A:  The best solution is a full four-cou[...]