Transportation Riders United

Regional Transit Plan

Help Shape the Detroit Region’s Transit Future!

Help Shape the Detroit Region’s Transit Future!

The RTA is working to develop a Regional Transit Master Plan that will shape our region’s transit development both over the next few years and for decades to come! They’ve got some ideas of the direction the Regional Transit Plan should take, but NOW THEY NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU!

Come to one of their Public Meetings Oct 19-24 to have your say on transit priorities, trade-offs, and more.

Proposal 1: Lessons Learned and Steps from Here

We are TRU are very disappointed that Proposal 1 didn’t pass. Transit systems throughout Michigan needed the extra $115 million a year Prop 1 would have provided!

But now it’s time to move forward. And we need your help:

1) As the road funding debate rages, tell your state legislators to fund a full transportation funding fix that includes transit and doesn’t gut important state services.

2) It is up to us in southeast Michigan to raise our own funds to improve transit, which the RTA will ask voters to do in Nov 2016. Please support TRU’s efforts to get people throughout our region thinking about and sharing why #TransitMatters!

3) Voters in Nov 2016 will need a clear, simple plan to vote on. The RTA will be developing a Regional Transit Action Plan over the next six months. Join TRU and the RTA Tuesday May 12 at Campus Martius for the kickoff of a region-wide discussion on the transit system our region wants, needs, and is willing to pay for!