Tapping Into Transit: Who is TRU?

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The many faces of TRU

This time on “Tapping Into Transit”, we take a step back and ask the question: “just who is TRU?”. TRU is well-known in transit circles, but some of our supporters may not know the story & original mission behind Transportation Riders United.

If we don’t invest in quality public transit, people won’t be able to get where they need to go…[ultimately] that is TRU’s mission

Megan Owens, Transportation Riders United

Join TRU MSW intern Bianca Miles and TRU Executive Director Megan Owens as they tell the story of TRU, past, present and future. This week’s Tapping Into Transit highlights how TRU has expanded the conversation on regional transit. Especially with TRU celebrating it’s 20th anniversay this year, there has never been a better time to join TRU and get involved in the fight for better public transportation!

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