Transportation Riders United

Washtenaw County

Urgent Strategy for Great Transit!

What’s next for regional transit? We’ve got a three-part strategy:

1) TRU members and allies seem to agree that a full four-county region-wide transit investment would be best. We need people from outer suburbs to be vocal supporters to counter the misperception that their communities don’t want transit!

2) If 4-county transit isn’t possible, Wayne and Washtenaw Counties would be better making major transit investments connecting their communities. Thank leaders from Detroit, Wayne, and Washtenaw Counties and urge them to make a regional transit investment happen this year!

3) TRU is also working to make sure whatever goes back on the ballot has broad voter support. Help us educate people with no transit experience about the benefits of transit while listening to their ideas and concerns, through our Let’s Talk Transit community engagement program.

UPDATE: Openings on TRU’s Board Extended Until Dec 15

UPDATE: Openings on TRU’s Board Extended Until Dec 15

TRU is accepting applications to join our Board of Directors!

To ensure our region is ready to invest in world class transit, TRU seeks to grow our board into 2018 to unlock doors to new resources and relationships.

We want a Board that reflects the best of Detroit: Diverse, dynamic and dedicated to getting the job done.

Please review our Guide for Prospective Board Members to learn more. Board Applications are due by December 10, after which TRU’s Executive Board will evaluate Board candidates in comparison to the skills and connections we need on our Board and make recommendations to the full Board of Directors.